Construction consulting

Technical supervision of construction works

  • Conformity assessment and control: determining whether construction and assembly works, building structures, products, materials and equipment are in compliance with design, building codes, standards, regulations, specifications and other normative documents
  • Construction quality control
  • Taking timely measures to identify and eliminate errors in construction cost estimates and preventing undue increase in the estimated construction cost
  • Verification of documents certifying the quality of structures, products and materials (technical passports, certificates, laboratory tests results, etc.)
  • Verification of technical documentation (ensuring that all the changes caused by construction flaws made to the initial project during building works are recorded in the construction diagram, including assembled structures, parts of buildings, pipelines, etc.)
  • Undertaking interim acceptance procedures with representatives from general contractor, subcontractors and design engineering firms (foundation, floors, stairs, reinforced concrete and steel frames, etc.)
  • Examination and quality assessment of the accomplished construction work and structural elements that will be hidden in the process of subsequent construction with representatives from subcontractor companies, ensuring that work will not continue till the necessary quality reports are made
  • Taking part in the inspection of equipment, its installation quality and its compliance with the project, as well as equipment testing procedures and acceptance procedures carried out by state inspectors and state acceptance testing institutions

Financial control, technical and regular monitoring of construction investment project implementation.  We can help you to

  • Determine the scope of work and construction costs when preparing a contract with the general contractor and subcontractors
  • Control the completion of work and confirm construction costs as stated in the documents presented for payment by subcontractors, suppliers, design and survey organizations, etc.
  • Check whether the need for additional construction work is justified and analyze the cost of additional construction work and materials
  • Determine the scope of work and the cost of work needed to connect to public pipelines and networks
  • Monitor construction progress and determine whether it meets the construction and financial schedules
  • Estimate construction project time

Independent expert analysis

  • Technical inspection of buildings before renovation, capital repairs, purchase or for other purposes
  • Expert analysis of construction cost estimates
  • Damage assessment (in case of fire, flood, destruction, etc.)
  • Construction and repair quality assessment
  • Expert analysis of pipelines and networks
  • Expert analysis of the scope of work

Audit services

  • Post-construction assessment of the completed work and comparison with the planned scope of work
  • Estimation of the prime cost of construction with the use of the federal cost estimating standards base (FSNB)
  • Analysis of construction project schedules
  • Analysis of construction permit and commissioning permit documents
  • Analysis of legal documents
  • Construction materials, work and equipment market analysis
  • Analysis of source documents
  • Analysis of construction cost estimates

Investment project evaluation

  • Valuation of unfinished construction projects
  • Analysis that helps to determine whether the work performed was accomplished in compliance with the work planned and paid for
  • Design and cost analysis of construction options
  • Project feasibility study
  • Business plan development
  • Investment efficiency analysis

Construction industry monitoring

Development of management models and construction project management

Construction cost estimating (local, object and consolidated estimates)

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